Dolphin tour in Morro Jable

Experience an exciting boat ride to see dolphins on the Morro Jable coast in southern Fuerteventura.

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As in any natural environment, seeing dolphins in the wild is not 100% guaranteed, but on approximately 85% of the trips we will see dolphins or other cetaceans.

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Have a magical experience by seeing dolphins swimming in their natural habitat just a few meters from the boat. Depending on the type of dolphins, we can see them closer to the boat or from a certain distance. Striped dolphins are more playful and we’ll be able to see them taking big jumps, but they don’t approach the boat like bottlenose dolphins and other calmer dolphins that are attracted to our presence. In any case, and in order not to stress the dolphins, we will not stay with the same pod for more than 15 minutes.

Dolphin watching Morro Jable

Enjoy this exciting adventure comfortably by yourself or accompanied by a partner, family or group of friends. The motorboat has a capacity for 24 people, but for your greatest comfort we’ll only have 12 people on the boat.

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This tour not only includes dolphin watching in Fuerteventura. The fun of the motorboat ride and the views of the Morro Jable coast, both the Jandía Peninsula and the beach, its most touristic spots and the most spectacular hotels are more than enough reasons to try this experience.

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Book this dolphin-watching trip as far in advance as possible, as places are limited and sell out quickly. Get ready to live this exciting adventure and let the crew take care of what we hope will become one of the most unforgettable moments of your holidays in Fuerteventura.

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Why are the chances of seeing dolphins from the boat so high for Morro Jable?

On each dolphin-watching trip, in addition to our motorboat, other boats usually leave from the same Morro Jable pier, but in different directions. If any of the boats see dolphins, the crew notifies the other boats, stating their location, so that they can go where the dolphins are and, even if they are far from our location, by going in a speed boat that reaches more than 50km per hour, it’s easy to reach the point where the dolphins are within a very short time, something that the much slower pleasure boats cannot do so easily.

Can we see whales?

It is possible to see whales on our outings in Fuerteventura, but this doesn’t happen as frequently. Normally, whales in the Canary Islands spend little time on the surface, which they do to breathe, so it’s harder to find them than other cetaceans.

What happens if we find injured turtles or in poor condition during the journey?

If we find a turtle in poor condition, we will rescue it and take it to the dock so it can be treated at the Turtle Rescue Center.


Bring sunscreen, a hat and comfortable clothing for the expected weather on the day of departure. If you think you may get dizzy, take precautionary measures.

**Not recommended for people with back problems, pregnant women or people who have had a recent surgery.


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