Buggy safari in Corralejo

Enjoy this buggy tour in Corralejo, one of the most popular activities among visitors staying in northern Fuerteventura. Fun, adrenaline and adventure are guaranteed on this ideal tour which you can enjoy with your partner, family, friends or, why not, alone.

buggys corralejo tour

Remember that to take this tour, drivers must bring a valid original driving license and companions must be at least 5 years old. If you have 2 drivers in a single buggy, you can take turns at the stops.

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Although the tour lasts for a total of 2.5 to 3 hours, driving time is approximately 2 hours. The tour includes 2 large stops, one to rest, go to the bathroom or have a drink halfway through the tour and another in the Corralejo Dunes Natural Park to visit and walk through its largest dunes.

corralejo buggy tour

The route is divided into 3 parts. The first part of the tour is on an asphalt road and from here we can see the volcanic part of northern Fuerteventura, an area covered by malpais (lava fields) and numerous volcanic cones.

Correlejo excursion buggy

The second part of the route is off-road, along dirt and stone roads, which are curvy and uneven, and where you can get the most out of the buggy through a more fun and exciting drive.

buggy corralejo fuerteventura

Thirdly, we’ll travel on an asphalt road to go to the Corralejo Natural Park, Fuerteventura’s great tourist attraction.

Parque Natural de Corralejo

We’ll know where the Natural Park begins when we pass through the Red Mountain.

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We’ll make a stop in the park in Grandes Playas area, a beach whose immense dunes expand from the road to the shore, bathed by a crystalline sea. Take the opportunity to walk through its dunes and take photos of the spectacular landscape before returning to the buggies.

Grandes Playas CorralejoIn the last part of the route and before leaving the Corralejo Dunes Park we’ll see the Isla de Lobos from the road as well as the numerous kites of the kite surfers on the beach.

Grandes Playas Corralejo

This picture will put the finishing touch to some exciting and fun hours, which we hope will be one of the best moments of your holidays in Fuerteventura.


Bring sunscreen, a bandana and sunglasses (if you don’t have a bandana, you can buy one before starting the tour).

*Tour not suitable for people with back problems and pregnant women.

**The buggy tour is done respecting the environment at all times.


Please, bring sun glasses. Drivers must bring closed-toe shoes and a valid driver’s license.


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